Cellulite Blaster Massager

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A relaxing deep tissue massage, reduce knots and muscle soreness, increase flexibility & mobility, improved posture, more energy, speed & agility, better sleep, better circulation, reduced inflammation, pain and muscle cramps. Use on neck, shoulders, upper & lower back, hips, legs, feet, arms, buttocks and abs for contour work. Our unique design works deep as a fat and cellulite remover. Flaunt a leaner, more defined and toned body!

The Cellulite Remover You’ve Been Waiting For

The Cellulite Blaster Massager has an innovative, ergonomic design to help counter cellulite build up on thighs, tummy, and arms. Choose between the 5 Magnetic Ball massage head or 6 Gyrating Wheels massage head for a wider or deeper massage.

Cellulite is a problem that affects 85% of women above 21 years old—no matter where you live, what you eat, or how much you exercise. That’s because cellulite (unlike the regular type of fat) forms WITHIN the skin layer.


The Cellulite Blaster Massager helps get rid of cellulite from within the skin by…

  • Removing toxins from your body by improving lymphatic drainage
  • Massaging away pockets of fat
  • Improving blood flow which keeps skin young and elastic
  • Massaging deeper than manual hand massages

This small, handy tool will make a huge difference in 4 weeks, you can hardly believe it.

Just 3 minutes, twice a day. Use it in the shower, or with essential oils or creams for maximum benefits.



  • FIGHTS CELLULITE: The deep mechanical massage acts on the deeper layers of the skin, breaking down fatty deposits even in the most troublesome areas (abdomen and buttocks).
  • REDUCES EDEMA: The deep massage provided by the powerful engine, brings deep drainage benefits to reduce the tightness and puffiness caused by fluid retention
  • LIGHT LEGS: Thanks to its draining action, toxins are budged and removed, your legs become less swollen and more slender.
  • COLAGEN ACTIVATION: Phototherapy system re-generates collagen and brings elasticity to your skin
  • POWERFUL ENGINE: ! Adjust the intensity level you want using the Power Regulator. No need to press against your body, just raise the power if required and start breaking fatty cells and eliminating through lymphatic system!



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