Memory Foam Leg Pillow

$ 19.99

This orthopedic memory foam leg cushion provides side sleepers comfort for their lower back, hips, legs & spine.

By positioning you in your natural alignment, the leg pillow is designed to help alleviate pressure points that often cause discomfort & pain.

Made from a dough like memory foam for cushioning the support, the leg pillow is the only leg pillow you need to give you all night comfort and support.


  • Center incline accommodates natural sloping of thighs to keep pillow in place throughout the night
  • Ergonomic design promotes air circulation throughout the night
  • Tapered edges give knees full range of mobility
  • Curved bottom area to better fit pelvic region
  • 20% longer than most traditional leg pillows for improved support
  • Breathable, removable & washable quilted cover


  • MEASURE: 26 * 25.5 * 15.5CM
  • Filler composition and content: 100% slow rebound material
  • Pillow height: 15.1-20cm, pillow shape: rectangular
  • Filling: memory cotton
  • Pillow fabric: polyester fiber
  • Color: flannel gray, navy cloth, royal blue flannel, black flannel

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