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Neck Hanging Smartphone Holder

$ 24.99
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The Lazy Neck Phone Holder is perfect for those who get tired of holding up their phone. Browsing the internet, watching Netflix or any other phone intensive task makes your arms tired after a while and it simply is not comfortable for extended periods of time. This phone holder straps your phone right in and hangs around your neck so you'll get the best view while being handsfree.

HANDSFREE - never have tired arms again. Fits just about any phone.
ADJUSTABLE MOUNT - bendable and adjustable mount to get best position. Can work has a stand or a selfie stick as well.
360 ROTATION DESIGN - easy to use. Supports your device vertically or horizontally.

Endless possibilities for the ultimate lazy person. Grab one for someone who is always looking at their phone. Perfect gift for friends and love ones!